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Leak Detection

Leak Detection in Pasadena

Rapid Locating of Hidden Leaks in Monrovia, Covina & El Monte

Have your water bills increased out of nowhere, or does the pressure suddenly decrease when someone is trying to take a shower? These may be signs that your home is suffering from leaks somewhere in the plumbing. Both small and large leaks can cause extensive consequences, so it is important to schedule dependable leak detection in Pasadena as soon as possible. Let our team at AK Plumbing help you maintain a safe, efficient system with a dedicated inspection.

With 24-hour protection, residents can feel true peace of mind by calling our licensed techs at (626) 263-5996.

Common Methods of Leak Detection

In the past, plumbers mainly relied on a simple visual inspection to identify leaks in pipes, fittings, and appliances. While looking for signs of water damage, moisture, and discoloration around pipes and fixtures is important, it often can’t reveal more extensive issues. Thanks to advances in plumbing technology, however, experts can use a wide range of techniques and tools. 

The most popular methods of detecting leaks include: 

  • Water meter monitoring – A sudden increase in water usage can be a sign of a leak, which can be detected by monitoring the water meter over a given period of time.
  • Infrared technology – One of the most advanced techniques uses infrared cameras to detect temperature changes that may indicate the presence of a leak, such as hot water leaking from a pipe.
  • Acoustic listening devices – These devices can detect the sound of water escaping from pipes or fittings, allowing leaks to be identified without having to visually inspect the entire plumbing system.
  • Dye testing – A safe dye can be added to water to help identify leaks in pipes, as the dye will show up in any areas where water is escaping.
  • Pressure testing – By pressurizing the plumbing system and monitoring for sudden drops, experts can identify leaks, even those located deep below the surface.

frequently asked questions

  • What do I do if a pipe breaks in my home?
    If you know where the main water valve is be sure to shut it off. If not then give us a call ASAP so we can come and get the water turned off.
  • Do you offer Emergency Services?
    Yes, we offer after-hours Emergency Plumbing services.
  • How I can contact with your plumbers?
    Best way to get in contact with us is to call or fill out our online contact form.
  • Are your prices different after normal hours?
    We offer after hours Emergency services and we do charge a premium for after hours repairs.


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Why Prompt Leak Detection Matters

A small leak might not seem like a big deal initially, but the longer residents wait, the more consequences this issue can have. Even hairline leaks can cause significant water damage when moisture accumulates on the floorboards, through the ceiling, or even under the slab. This damage will lead to expensive repairs to restore the parts of the house that have lost their integrity. Along with this issue, residents suffering from leaks are more prone to experiencing potential health hazards from mold and mildew. 

Aside from this, it is important to remember that even tiny leaks can waste a significant amount of water. By identifying and repairing leaks promptly, residents can save money on their water bills and reduce their environmental impact. Since leaks can cause more significant problems if left unchecked, it is best to seek our professional support at the first sign of trouble. By having AK Plumbing on hand to address leaks early on, you can prevent more costly and time-consuming replacements. 

Protect your home today by calling our family-operated team at (626) 263-5996 or reaching out online for leak detection in Pasadena.

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