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Gas Line Plumbing

Gas Line Plumbing in Pasadena

Providing Safe & Reliable Gas Line Plumbers in Monrovia, Covina & El Monte

While it is never a good idea to delay fixing a pipe in your plumbing network, this truth is especially applicable when a gas line is malfunctioning. A problematic gas line needs to be repaired right away to preserve the health of everyone in the household. At AK Plumbing, our experts will ensure that residents’ safety is always the top priority. We use every precaution with our services for gas line plumbing in Pasadena to prevent leaks, fires, or explosions.

Trust our licensed professionals to use the necessary expertise and equipment to restore your home’s safety when you call us at (626) 263-5996 or speak to us online.

What Occurs During the Process of a Gas Line Repair?

To repair a cracked or faulty gas line, technicians will start by identifying the location and cause of the fault in the line, using specialized equipment to detect leaks. Professionals always shut off the gas supply to the affected area before proceeding to repairs, preventing any additional gas from seeping out. In many cases, the gas line will need to be excavated to access the damaged area. This may involve digging up the ground around the gas line to expose the pipe. Depending on the extent of the damage, the gas line can either be repaired or fully replaced. A single repair may involve replacing a section of the pipe, sealing a leak, or installing new fittings.

How to Know If My Gas Line is Leaking?

Gas leaks, even small ones, can be dangerous over time. What makes them especially risky is that gas itself does not have an odor or color. Fortunately, there are several other signs that are more subtle which clients should always look out for.

Do not hesitate to reach out to a specialist when observing:

  • Increased gas bills – If you notice a sudden increase in your gas bills, it could be due to a gas leak or a problem with the gas line.
  • Dying plants – Have the plants or vegetation in the backyard started dying or turning brown? This is often a clear sign of a damaged gas line.  
  • Health issues – Gas leaks can cause health issues such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.

frequently asked questions

  • What do I do if a pipe breaks in my home?
    If you know where the main water valve is be sure to shut it off. If not then give us a call ASAP so we can come and get the water turned off.
  • Do you offer Emergency Services?
    Yes, we offer after-hours Emergency Plumbing services.
  • How I can contact with your plumbers?
    Best way to get in contact with us is to call or fill out our online contact form.
  • Are your prices different after normal hours?
    We offer after hours Emergency services and we do charge a premium for after hours repairs.


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They were very responsive and keep us updated before they arrived and as repairs were being made.

- Greg S.

The Completion of a Gas Line Repair

Since loose or disconnected gas lines can be very hazardous to homeowners, our techs make sure to go through the final stages of restoration to check the line’s new state of health. For example, the gas line will need to be pressure tested to ensure that it is safe and free from leaks. This is typically done by filling the line with pressurized gas and monitoring the pressure levels to ensure they remain stable. After the repairs have been completed and the gas line has passed the pressure test, the gas supply can be turned back on. This is typically done in a controlled manner to prevent any sudden changes in pressure that could damage the repaired line. 

Trust our team at AK Plumbing to safely reconnect the gas supply for easy use of the grill oven, water heater, and all the other gas-fueled appliances.

For more details about our expert gas line plumbing in Pasadena, call our specialists at (626) 263-5996.

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